Business Climate

Greenwood is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners because they help spark creativity, invention, and innovation throughout the City.  Entrepreneurs and small businesses employ more of the workforce and are historically responsible for more new net jobs than large corporations.

The business environment in Greenwood is characterized by a favorable geographic location, an excellent school system, quality workforce, and growth opportunities enhanced by a diverse economy.


  • Phil Hicks

    "Greenwood is such a unique community.  It's almost like everyone is family, we all strive to make Greenwood better.

    As a community we have grown so much over the last 20 years, but that togetherness seems stronger today than ever.  Greenwood is truly a great place to live and work."

    – Phil Hicks

  • Rod Powell

    "Greenwood is a great bedroom community and a great place to do business with the highest projected growth in the River Valley."

    – Rod Powell

  • John McKinney

    "We have been doing business in Geeenwood for over 10 years now.  It has been an honor to work with all of the city departments, businesses and citizens of Greenwood.  We wouldn't be what we are today without all the support we get."

    – John McKinney
    Accompanied by Cpl Wisner and K-9 Kina,
    Greenwood Police Department

  • Bethany Adams

    "We are blessed to be a part of such a great community.  We couldn't make these dreams come true without the love and support of Greenwood!"

    – Bethany Adams

  • Tina Skaggs

    "I set out wanting to serve young children in our community.  Along the way this community helped me build an impactful business!"

    – Mrs. Tina Skaggs
    Executive Director, Preschool Extraordinaire!

  • Stanhope Wilkinson

    "The Chamber is a fantastic advocate for Greenwood’s business community. Working together, our community has virtually unlimited potential for economic development and prosperity."

    – Stanhope Wilkinson
    CEO, Farmers Bank and Greenwood Economic Development Commission Member

  • Jim Reynolds

    "Incorporated in 2011, Jim Reynolds Outdoors Advertising Agency relies on our ties with the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce to make connections to help clients make their presence known."

    – Jim Reynolds

  • Jim Reynolds

    "We opened in the summer of 2007. With the help of local insurance agents and loyal customers, we have truly been blessed.  The continuous growth has not only created life long customers but life long friendships as well.  We look forward to continuing to serve the community with the addition of our new facility in progress.."

    – Chris Brewer & Joe Aguirre

  • Jim Philpot

    "Thank you for the opportunity to join the Chamber and love living in this great town. I came in as an outsider, born and raised in Sallisaw, but have been treated as if I lived here my whole life. My wife told me if I was planning on marrying her, I had to move to Greenwood. I thank her everyday for that! We've raised our kids here. I've been in business here for over 20 years and couldn't be happier! The people of this town let us in with open arms and our business has flourished. I'd recommend anyone that wants to start a business or just have a great place to live, make Greenwood your home-that's something you'll never regret!"

    – Jim Philpot, Owner
    Philpots Complete Car Care Center
    Hwy 71 South