About the Chamber

The Greenwood Chamber of Commerce is a key, active organization in Greenwood to advertise and promote local business, provide opportunities for networking, and be your complete resource and information center. Although the Chamber’s early existence was very modest and functioned with a handful of active business members, our doors have been open for over four decades.

Despite limited resources and a small number of volunteers, the Chamber has always managed to give generously to the community and has worked hard to attract new business and industry.

Sadly, in 1968, most of the town’s commercial district and close to 100 homes were destroyed by a devasting tornado. However, as Greenwood citizens are historically known for their generosity, whether it be of their time and labor, knowledge, or money, our city quickly began the process of recovery. Noteably, the Chamber played an important role in the rebuilding and healing of our town.

During the early years, area businesses often donated a desk in an unused corner to serve as a Chamber Office. Then in 1990, the Chamber officially moved into a permanent location on our beautiful Town Square. Membership has grown in the past years from 60 members to more than 145.

The Chamber remains a volunteer organization which takes on several community betterment projects throughout the year. The Chamber is also active in local and state government by assisting with Economic Development for the City of Greenwood and continues to promote Greenwood and its businesses.