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Greenwood Chamber of Commerce Community Lunch Meeting

Please join us for meeting about the Solar Eclipse and its impact on Greenwood.

On April 8th, 2024, a total eclipse of the sun will be visible over a swath of the Eastern half of North America. Labeled “The Great North American Eclipse” the event will be the last of its kind in North America for decades.  Arkansas is a well known and favorite vacation destination for millions.  The state is expecting over a million visitors to come just to view the eclipse from their preferred leisure destination.  Thus, the adopted moniker “The Great Arkansas Eclipse.”

Greenwood will be in the path of totality, so interest is high both within the community and from our nearby neighbors.  We expect and in fact are inviting guests to our town to enjoy the spectacle.  As part of our promotional effort for Greenwood we have partnered with Farmers Bank and the Greenwood Advertising and Promotion Commission.  We have produced and are distributing ISO certified solar viewing glasses to our residents and guests for as long as they last.  Greenwood can expect to be impacted in several ways by the event.

On April 3rd at 11:30 we will hold our Greenwood Chamber of Commerce membership meeting “Eclipse Version” with a special invitation to other interested community members to attend.  Roberta Parks, mathematics instructor at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, who is considered the “Resident Astronomer” on the campus, will present a fascinating program on the science of an eclipse and what to expect during this once in a lifetime event.  Kendall Beam, Director of Emergency Management for Sebastian County will then give a detailed look into what businesses and citizens need to be aware of to prepare for the impact the event will have on the community.

Lunch will be catered by Lin’s House restaurant of Greenwood.  The cost per attendee will be $15.   The first 100 people to sign up and attend the meeting will receive 2 pair of ISO certified Solar Glasses to use to safely view the eclipse.

You must register to attend.  Use the link below to register.

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